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Global Diesel Generator Market including size, forecast, trend, share, growth, overview, key players, technologies, market drivers, challenges, standardization, regulatory landscape, opportunities, future roadmap, value chain, ecosystem player profiles and strategies forecast to 2023.

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Who Needs an Industrial Power Generator?

Diesel generators have evolved into sophisticated, powerful pieces of equipment that are essential in many different industries where an uninterrupted power source is essential. These power generators can work as a primary energy source or they can monitor electric current and automatically come online as a back-up power source when an outage occurs. As CAT rental partners, we sell and hire generators out for industrial use in different facilities, including:

Mining operations
Diesel generators are used to supply over 70% of the mining industry’s power needs worldwide, driving excavators, conveyor belts, cranes and drilling machinery. They are the preferred choice of power generation because they have very high capacity, are incredibly durable and able to withstand the harsh conditions of mining environments, which can range from desert heat and dust to freezing cold temperatures.

Industrial Power Generator

Hospitals and clinics
Without a reliable power supply, doctors and medical professionals are severely limited in their ability to care for patients and save lives. Everything from air conditioning, lighting, X-ray and scanning equipment to heart monitors and life support systems rely on electricity, so a power outage can easily put lives on the line. Because of the high stakes, hospitals and medical facilities have diesel generators as a back-up power source, even in areas where the grid is stable, to ensure that care can continue in emergency situations.

Data centres
Data centres are critical to almost every industry today, storing and communicating data securely, including business records, medical records and stock market trades – even our home computers make use of these centres to back up our vital documents. Manual and cloud server centres require massive amounts of power to operate, from running the servers themselves to the massive cooling systems they rely on. A power outage would cause servers to become inaccessible, causing every business that stores their data there to grind to a halt, losing money and clients. Without a stable power source, data centres can also become vulnerable to cyber-attacks, putting the data they store at serious risk. In order to maintain their reputation for service and security excellence, data centres install diesel generators that can handle their full load during power outages and natural emergencies.

Emergency services centres
Without power, emergency services can fall into chaos – dispatch centres can no longer capture essential data about emergency situations and respond correctly, and there’s no way to communicate effectively between emergency services and the people they’re trying to assist. As with hospitals, this means that lives are at stake, making it essential that these centres stay up and running regardless of bad weather, flooding, natural disasters or the stability of the national grid. Industrial power generators like those supplied by CAT rental keep dispatch centre computers and radios as well as data collection systems up and running.

Construction sites
While remote construction sites rely on diesel generators as a primary power source, others rely on them for back-up power to prevent costly project delays. With generators, construction sites can be well-lit through the day and night so that work can be continuous, while also supplying a constant stream of energy to provide cool air, keep communications systems running and even power construction equipment. Portable generators are also a popular addition to construction sites as they can be moved quickly and easily to where power is needed most.

Your partner for CAT rental power generators
If you need to hire generators, the team Energy Power Systems can supply you with gas, electric, and diesel CAT generators for sale and for hire between 20kVA and 2000 kVA as well as distribution and ancillary equipment to meet all your commercial or industrial site’s needs. To find out more about our CAT rental generators, generators for sale or the services we offer, please contact our team today.


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Rooftop Solar Could Help Fight Wildfires — Capital Growth Management Inc.

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Solar Panels and their Benefits to Human Beings

Global warming is really happening. A lot of change in our climate has been recorded since the beginning of the millennium. Technologies and innovation are good for everyone as long as we were able to use for the benefit of everybody, including nature. Good thing nowadays, people were able to use one of the technologies in saving power which is the commercial rooftop solar power. Aside from the fact that is a renewable energy source, it is also good not only for residential but also for businesses use since we won’t need standby power or generator sets in case of an outage.

Solar Panels

What is Commercial Rooftop Solar power?

This is a new innovation in providing energy that can be used as a replacement for the nonrenewable energy that we are using as of the moment. Renewable sources, on the other hand, are energy sources that can be used over and over again. There are several types of renewable sources nowadays as well as Commercial Rooftop Solar panels. The commercial rooftop solar panels provide energy that comes from the sun. It converts sunlight into electricity.

Using commercial rooftop solar panels can not only contribute to the well-being of our planet but also provide a lot of benefits to us. Compared with generator sets and buying other standby power for power outages, commercial rooftop solar panels cost is less, and so are the electrical bills. The savings you’ll get from using commercial rooftop solar panels will still depend on the size of your solar panels together with your electricity and the heat usage. In case you were able to generate more energy than what you use, the oversupply will be back to the grid and receive a bonus for that.

Commercial rooftop solar panels generate electricity without any air or carbon pollution. This means they don’t produce ash, compared to fossil fuels and other standby power like generator sets, therefore there’s no waste product. Commercial rooftop solar panels also avoid any environmental risks associated with natural gas and even any possible water pollution upon extraction. Harmful emissions related to coal power like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, lead, mercury and arsenic are just some of the waste from nonrenewable energy sources that we are still using until now. Commercial rooftop solar panels can also provide diverse purpose, as it can also be used as heat or solar thermal aside from generating electricity. They also can be used to places that have no access to energy grids to provide electricity, at home and also to distill water for places or regions with limited clean water supply.

Time is still not too late, you may refer to Energy Power Systems for your commercial rooftop solar installation and other you did not just save money but also help our environment at the same time.


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